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Modern Sales Training for B2B Businesses and Sales Professionals

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You may not have time, are unable to get out the house, sales may not be your ‘thing’ but you know that your courses, product and services deserve to be seen by many. If you lack confidence, skill or understanding of how important a sales process is or sales ability is, you are not alone.

Luckily you have found Plan. Grow. Do. the modern selling methodology that helps business owners and staff responsible for business development find the confidence and skill to sell their product. Sales training is often scary – but not Plan. Grow. Do. which is delivered with a range of innovative ways to enable immediate improvement and show business development colleagues how to 'sell' their learning programmes.

We take the best of a modern marketing world and the best of a traditional selling world and chunk it down to 3 key modules; Plan. Grow. Do.

If you are responsible for the business development and growth in your centre and need to know how to operate your function in a modern and new world – Plan. Grow. Do. could well be just the thing you need.

Plan. Grow. Do. is perfect if you;

  • Find making time for business development difficult
  • Cannot understand where your learners/customers/employers are hiding
  • You have a brilliant product but it just won’t recruit
  • Sales is not your primary skill set but is within your responsibility at work
  • You need to find new skills in a new modern environment
  • Need learning in an online environment to adapt to a changed marketplace


This course will be given by

Steve Knapp and Rob Taylor

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