UK-EU Separation – Impact on Exports

From 1st January 2021 all goods sold to Europe will have to go through customs clearance. Do you understand the process and legal responsibilities of the exporter?

Are you currently selling goods/components to overseas markets?  Are these EU or third country transactions?  Do you understand the difference and how familiar are you with terminology such as commodity codes, export licencing and controls, certificates of origin and proof of export?

At the end of the transition period with Europe in December all goods sold to Europe will have to go through a customs clearance process – which brings additional legal responsibilities for the exporter.   Companies may not be familiar with customs procedures – many in fact rely on their freight forwarders.  Do you understand how this will potentially impact on costs, process, training and resource in your business?  Are you prepared?

This webinar will review the export process and highlight the key areas that businesses should be considering as they prepare for the UK’s new relationship with Europe.

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Becky Stark

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