Using Social Media As A Marketing Tool - Open Course

Perfect for those who need to update their knowledge and understanding of the social media world. The training can be delivered in one full day or over several sessions based on client needs.

During these sessions, we’ll work with a group of individuals to improve their understanding of how to use social media for their business. The training is split into three sessions:

Social Media Overview - taking the clients through the whole picture of social media, different platforms and their uses

Building a social media strategy - how to implement their knowledge and learnings for their own business

Check-up session - a 1hr follow-up session to check in with the team, answer any post-training questions and hold the individuals accountable for their actions during the training

From the session being delivered, clients will gain access to resources from the session.

Things to note:

  • The sessions will be recorded and transcribed so that clients have access to notes
  • The sessions will be delivered in person preferentially, but can also be delivered online at request.
  • The training will be delivered in two 1/2 day sessions, followed by a 1hr check-in - the first two are group sessions and the check-in is individual
  • Limited to 8 people per course, 4 minimum

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